Big Brother star broke house rules during sneaky toilet session with ‘drunk’ co-star

EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Big Brother star Nicola Mclean has let slip she got extremely drunk with her co-star Bianca Gascoigne and secretly broke a major house rule in the toilets

Celebrity Big Brother star Nicola McLean revealed she broke a major house rule when she was on the show.

Nicola has starred on the show three times now but shared that her rule break was in 2017 alongside her co-star Bianca Gascoigne. Daily Star columnist Nicola told us: “Me and Bianca wrote who we’re going to nominate on the mirrors, that’s breaking rules.

“My wildest memories were with me Bianca, drinking too much and waking up and not remembering anything. From trying to go to the toilet together and write on the mirror the next day to try and piece together our night.

“We’d use lipstick and write things on the mirror including who we were going to nominate. We weren’t allowed to speak about nominations between us.”

Nicola got boozy with Bianca in the house (Image: Channel 5)

Nicola also shared that she is pleased that the show has made a return to screens. She explained: “Listen, I think it’s so good. In my opinion, it’s so good to have it back.

“I loved the opening night with all the tasks that they got to do, so it wasn’t just the most boring night for viewers. I think it’s a very diverse cast, so I think it’s definitely moved with the times. You’ve got some strong characters in there. I’m enjoying it and I’m glad it’s back.”

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Nicola starred on CBB three times (Image: Channel 5)

However, she did reveal who in the house is the “biggest game player” out of the bunch. Nicola said: “I think Olivia is playing a game. She’s clearly watched a lot of reality TV and she’s trying to get airtime.

“She’s trying to be in the middle of things and rub people up the wrong way. I think she really is playing a game and wants to be famous, and that’s fine, not a lot of people really go in there for the experience anymore but I think you can really tell with her.

Olivia is the “biggest game player”, Nicola says (Image: ITV)

“She’s definitely watched a lot of reality TV and she’s trying to play and trying to give us that. You know, like the first night when she was put up for eviction and she rudely kicked off and was a total brat.”

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