CM Punk’s new role in WWE while injured potentially revealed

CM Punk is currently off television after suffering a torn tricep during the 2024 men’s Royal Rumble Match. The injury has killed his dream of main-eventing WrestleMania, at least for this year, leaving the WWE Universe dejected.

The Straight Edge Superstar recently underwent surgery and was backstage at last Friday’s episode of SmackDown, even taking pictures with other WWE Superstars. However, it looks like the company wants Punk to return to the road while he is still recovering from his injury.

According to CM Punk’s close friend and former trainer, Ace Steel, WWE wants him on commentary until he returns to the ring. A few of Steel’s quotes from the upcoming Wrestling Perspective podcast were released on Fightful Select, where he indicated the potential direction the former World Heavyweight Champion could go in.

However, it isn’t certain, as WWE ran an angle last week where Drew McIntyre attacked Punk and stomped on his arm. As a result, it might not be the best idea to put him on commentary while The Scottish Warrior continues to mock him. The former AEW star would run the risk of looking weak despite his injury being legitimate.

Along with the discussed commentary gig, CM Punk reportedly showed up at the WWE Performance Center multiple times to help out. Ace Steel mentioned a role in NXT would be better for him as he continues rehabbing his torn triceps before returning in six months to target McIntyre, if he’s still in the company.

CM Punk has done commentary for WWE while injured before

Ace Steel’s revelation isn’t too surprising, as CM Punk is experienced on the commentary table. He suffered a hip injury in late 2010 and joined the booth on RAW to keep a presence on the show. The Chicago native was great in the role, showing off his charisma and humor in spades.

Punk’s commentary stint ended when he attacked John Cena with a steel chair (for spilling his diet soda) at the end of December 2010. If he takes on the role this time, the moment he steps up from the table to attack Drew McIntyre would instantly be one of the greatest moments in Monday Night RAW history.

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