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Elle Brooke hits back at rival claiming she uses ‘football audience’ to support OnlyFans

Man City fan and OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has hit back at a rival football fan’s claims on Twitter that she only supports the popular team to get an audience to pay for her content

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has hit back at a rival football fan’s claims that she uses her football audience to support her following.

The Twitter spat started as an innocuous tweet from Brooke about making a big error by taking new Manchester City star Erling Haaland out of her Fantasy Premier League team.

Man City fan Elle wrote: “This stupid bint took Haaland out on Friday morning and put Kane in for FPL rahhh (sic) Community Shield got in my head.”

But one Manchester United fan, probably disappointed with his team’s result against Brighton, responded to her comment by posting: “Shows you just support the city to get the football audience to pay for your only fans”

Elle’s racy posts often see her wearing Man City tops

She hit back with: “I’d support a team with a bigger fan base then wouldn’t I, yah donut.”

Others engaged in the FPL and fanbase banter with another commenting posting: “Call yourself a City fan and you take out their new 60m signing after one game lmao.”

The model has recently shown she has little time for online negativity when she posted an expletive message to haters to accompany some new lingerie snaps.

Elle says she has little time for haters but replied to a Manchester United fan’s claims

In the Instagram post, that quickly garnered more than 18,000 like and 100 comments, she wrote “F*** the haters” alongside pics of her looking stunning in lacy green underwear.

Elle’s boxing coach and world champion Ebanie Bridges commented with a heart-eye and flame emoji along with the word “babe”, while one brazen fan wrote: “I’m not a hater buttttt I’d still want you to”.

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Elle recently defeated Love Island star AJ Bunker in her inaugural boxing match

Others just replied with seemingly endless streams of adoring emojis.

Elle has recently made headlines after she defeated Love Island star AJ Bunker in her inaugural public boxing match.

She beat the reality star 40-36 on July 16 after her original opponent and long-time rival, Astrid Wett pulled out over safety fears.

Elle says she is due to fight again but no news on her opponent just yet.



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