Heidi Klum In Animal-Print Two-Piece Frolics By The Pool

Model Heidi Klum is having fun in the sun in her tiny two-piece!

The “America’s Got Talent” judge grabbed an animal-print bathing suit as she frolicked beside the pool in the summer sun, covering up her arms with an oversized red coat.

Heidi Klum Skips Barefoot By The Pool In Her Two-Piece Bathing Suit

Heidi Klum In Tiny Two-Piece Frolics By The Pool
Instagram | Heidi Klum

On Sunday afternoon, the 50-year-old model skipped along beside the pool. She is barefoot, wearing an animal-print two-piece bathing suit with drawstrings that hang around her thighs as she skips along, followed closely by her dogs.

She is wearing sunglasses with a red frame to match the oversized red blouse that she has covering up her arms. She appropriately set the song in this video to Doja Cat’s “Paint The Town Red” to match her red shirt and long red nails.

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In the caption of this Instagram post, Heidi wrote, “80” along with the emoji of a thermometer, a face wearing sunglasses, a sun, pawprints, and water droplets.

Comments on this post, like all of her Instagram posts, were turned off. However, some fans were no doubt surprised to see her wearing her bathing suit top, as she had recently talked about the “strategic” way to avoid tan lines.

Heidi Says She Goes ‘Suns Out, Buns Out’ At Home

Heidi Klum Hits The Beach In Cherry-Print Thong Bikini
Instagram | Heidi Klum

Earlier this week, the popular model opened up about her life and career in an interview with People magazine for their Style Watch Fall 2023 issue. During the interview, she revealed that she wears as little clothes as possible when she’s at home.

“I’m super comfortable naked today. To the point where my kids are like, ‘Mom, I have a friend coming over,’” she explained. “As soon as someone is coming, I put my top on. But if no one is there, sun’s out, bums out.”

Heidi Klum dresses as a topless easter bunny
Instagram | Heidi Klum

“I just don’t like tan lines because I wear so many different outfits. I don’t want to have straps anywhere from tan lines,” she said, adding that her “very strategic” strategy also applies to her “America’s Got Talent” look.

“When I do AGT, most of the time I sit behind a desk, so it’s really from the waist up. So I look for something that is of interest around here. And usually, I like to have Hans and Franz on a good display,” she said, referring to her chest.

Heidi Klum Recalls Being ‘Too Big’ To Fit Into Clothes Early On In Her Career

Heidi Klum is ready to party in Berlin
Instagram | Heidi Klum

Believe it or not, she recalled that she had trouble with runway castings because of her size. “I was also too big to fit in any of the clothes,” she recalled. “They weren’t lying! I remember going to Paris and trying all those dresses on. I could never fit in them. And I was thin, but they were even thinner. So I never got those jobs.”

Her bubbly personality also didn’t work for some who would prefer that she did not smile. “I can’t not smile!” she confessed. “Then I don’t look as you want me to. So all the things that I first wanted to do, they didn’t work out. So I looked for things that I could do.”

Heidi Klum Is Having Fun In Her Cherry-Print Thong Bikini
Instagram | Heidi Klum

“I always looked at things that I really wanted to do, and I went after them,” she continued. “I always looked at my career kind of like a house where you don’t only just need the front door to get in the house. I was always like, ‘Okay, they don’t want me here for fashion. I’m going to go into other different places in the world.’”

However, by 1998, she had landed the cover of an issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine. ““Getting that phone call telling me that I was on the cover, it was like when someone wins $20 million in the lottery,” she recalled. “Because at that time, without social media, I think the numbers were, like, 55 million readers or something.”

“I could really feel that reach too. I would go into a restaurant, and people all of a sudden would be like, ‘That’s that girl from Sports Illustrated.’ It just was such a big bouncing board for me to really make me go to the next step in my career,” she added.

Heidi Klum Drives The Boat In Italy In Her Black Bikini
Instagram | Heidi Klum

In addition to her work with Sports Illustrated, she has also spent over a decade working with Victoria’s Secret. “I was proud of being in Victoria’s Secret,” she said. “I was super appreciative that they would pick me instead of someone else. People would say, ‘Oh, and they made us wear these wings, and da-da-da.’ I’m like, ‘I always wanted the wings.’ And I was upset if I didn’t get the biggest ones!”

“I would go to the top, and I’d be like, ‘Why am I having these small wings? I want bigger wings.’ Because for me it was always like a moment; this is the VS show. Everyone is watching. I don’t want little chicken wings. I want the biggest wings you could possibly have, and I wore them proudly.”

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