I love having biggest bum on adult site – it gets me special perks

An adult star who claims to have the biggest bum on the platform has told how her plump posterior came in unexpectedly handy when she went to see her favourite singer

An adult performer who claims to have the biggest bum on OnlyFans says that her bumper buttocks get her some handy perks

Haleigh Cox has been uploading content to the adult platform for some time – getting onboard before the great Covid lockdown rush that saw membership explode.

She’s had to change her style a little, to keep up with fans’ desires though. “I didn’t do nude for a few years,” she explained on the OnlyStans podcast, adding that a former boyfriend talked into making more explicit content.

“I never expected myself to get into but I did,” she said. “I was hanging out with this guy and he said ‘Hey you want to make more money?’ I said yeah and he told me ‘they want to see more’.”

She insists her bum is 'all natural'
She insists her bum is ‘all natural’ (Image: hcoxofficial/Instagram)

Haleigh’s fans are obsessed with her monumental posterior, which she insists is not the result of a Brazilian Butt Lift: “It is all natural, all genetics and hard work in the gym.”

And that hard work can pay off in unexpected ways. Haleigh’s something of a petrol-head, and when she’s racing down the freeway in her Corvette Stingray, she likes to listen Ito a little country music.

She’s a particular fan of The Voice star Morgan Waller, and recently made a spur-of-the-moment decision to catch the Tennessee-born crooner in concert. “We didn’t get the best seats,” she says. “It was very last minute. We literally showed up an hour after the concert already started …we missed the openers.

Haleigh did a little twirl for the security guard
Haleigh did a little twirl for the security guard (Image: hcoxofficial/Instagram)

“We got these little seats off to the side, but saw that there were more in the centre… like a handicapped area.”

Noticing that there was a male bouncer guarding the entrance to that section, Haleigh and her friends wondered if a little harmless flirtation might get them into the seats with a clearer view.

“One of the girls went up and she just ended up saying that my butt was too big for the seat and I was very uncomfortable.”

Haleigh admits her online content has been getting more and more explicit
Haleigh admits her online content has been getting more and more explicit (Image: hcoxofficial/Instagram)

The security guard asked Haleigh to come and show him, so she walked up and did a little twirl, at which point he said: “Yeah, I can see that” and allowed Haleigh’s group through the velvet rope.

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