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Lala Kent Breaks Down Where She Stands With ‘Pump Rules’ Cast, Agreed to Film Season 10 the ‘Night Before’

Lala Kent Breaks Down Where She Stands With ‘Pump Rules’ Cast, Agreed to Film Season 10 the ‘Night Before’

Have no fear Vanderpump Rules fans, Lala Kent is officially filming season 10 of the Bravo show — despite being on the fence up until 24 hours before the cameras started rolling.

“I say, like, ‘I’m done’ because it is extremely draining to film a reality TV show. We started filming two days ago. I literally was still deciding if I wanted to come back the night before we even started,” the 31-year-old Give Them Lala author exclusively told Us Weekly on Friday, July 15. “I was ping-ponging. I’m like, ‘Do we do this? Do we not do this?’ And then, you know, I watch one OG episode of Real Housewives of New York and I’m itching for a camera to be in my face.”

Season 10 will mark the first time viewers will see “single Lala,” as she described herself.

“They really haven’t seen that. Even season 4, I was hooked on my ex, who was kind of this elusive person. And then, you know, James [Kennedy] and I were making out every five seconds, and then I was in a relationship,” she said. “And this is the first time that people are gonna see me completely single — thinking about my child, venturing into the dating world. So that part I’m super excited for.”

Lala shares 16-month-old daughter Ocean with ex-fiancé Randall Emmett. Season 10 of the Bravo series will also feature both Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz after they called it quits earlier this year following several years of marriage.

“Katie seems lighter to me,” Lala told Us. “The heaviness is gone and I’ve always said it’s a luxury to see Katie when she’s in, like, a vulnerable state. And I’ve seen that throughout her separation and her divorce, and she’s opened up to me a lot. She comes across [as] very tough and I’ve tried to explain to her, like, ‘People are gonna think you’re doing just fine because of what you portray.’ But, there’s something about her eyes. I know that sounds so weird, but they just look happy.”

While the cast is just getting started, Lala noted that it doesn’t take much for her to go “into Lala mode” and “mention it all” a la Bethenny Frankel.

“My life is very different [since season 9]. I’m in a good place. If you took my life and it was like a puzzle, I would say it’s pretty much finished. There’s just a few pieces I need to find. I know this is like such a strange analogy, but I feel happy,” she explained. “I’m excited to be back — hanging out with your friends, you forget the cameras there. I think that’s the one thing that makes me nervous is I forget the cameras are there and then I come home and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, what did I just share?’ … [And] this is sober Lala. I think this is, I believe, [my] third season of being sober. And it truly is the best.”

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Lala Breaks Down Status With 'VPR' Cast, Signed on for New Season Days Ago

Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Katie Maloney

Lala told Us that she and Katie, who filed for divorce from Schwartz earlier this year, are leaning on each other as they navigate their first single seasons.

“She’s one of those friends where we can sit on the phone for hours and we just gossip and talk about what it’s like to have these new lives,” she explained. “We’re both back living in apartments and we’re like, ‘It’s single girl summer.’ So I’m just excited that I have her. I mean, I’m so sad that her marriage ended because you never wanna see that. But it happened to the two most perfect people because it has been so easy in the sense that they still maintain a friendship. If that makes sense, you know? It wasn’t like you had to pick a side. There wasn’t this ultimate betrayal where it was like, ‘You’re dead to me.’ So yes, leaning on each other — definitely.”

Lala Breaks Down Status With 'VPR' Cast, Signed on for New Season Days Ago

Credit: KCR/Shutterstock

Tom Schwartz

Lala previously declared that she cut ties with Schwartz due to his friendship with her ex Randall.

“I have not seen or spoken to him yet,” she told Us of Schwartz. “I don’t know what the future holds with that. I always have such, like, a strong opinion and tone and I really am like, you know, butter coming out of the fridge. You put me in the microwave and I just melt, which is like the apology — the metaphor is the microwave [for] the apology. When someone gives me that, I’m like, ‘OK, we’re fine. Forgive and forget.’ But I am in a different stage in life and I have a lot to lose. I have to keep my circle tight. And I don’t necessarily know if once someone has done me wrong in this situation … I think I just wanna burn the bridge.”

Lala added that she’s “not an animal,” explaining: “I’m a civilized person — sometimes. I can definitely be in the same room as someone I’m not getting along with and acknowledge that they’re breathing.”

Lala Breaks Down Status With 'VPR' Cast, Signed on for New Season Days Ago

Credit: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

Lala posted snaps filming with Ariana, but she hasn’t seen Sandoval since April.

“Every time I see him, everything’s great. But then we just kind of, like, drift apart and don’t talk. And it’s like, ‘I don’t know you, you don’t know me,’ but then we see each other and I’m like, ‘Damnit, there’s just something about that smile that, like, really reels me in, dude,” she told Us, adding that both Schwartz and Sandoval are charming in person. “I hate that. It makes my job very difficult when you’ve got that charm. And you put me in front of you because then I melt, [but] all is good on that front as well.”

Lala Breaks Down Status With 'VPR' Cast, Signed on for New Season Days Ago

Credit: MediaPunch/Shutterstock

Scheana Shay

“I think Scheana and I have finally found our footing,” the Give Them Lala Baby designer said. “It’s, like, we are in such a great place. I’ve learned how to communicate with her and she’s learned how to communicate with me. And I don’t know why it took us so long to conquer that. But babies do something to you — you kind of just step into a calmer, more sensitive state. It’ll be fun to finally enter a season where like I’m not coming for Scheana.”

She added: “But then again, we’re filming a reality show. So who knows, right? ‘Hey, everything’s great.’ Tomorrow, you know, it could be off with your head.”

Lala Breaks Down Status With 'VPR' Cast, Signed on for New Season Days Ago

Credit: AFF-USA/Shutterstock

Brock Davies

During season 9, Lala wasn’t shy about concerns about Scheana’s fiancé’s past.

“Back then, if you would’ve told me they’re gonna be together a year and some change from now, I would be shook and say, ‘There’s no effing way,’” Lala told Us. “But I’ve had many amazing moments with Brock by himself, Brock with Scheana, seeing him as a dad. And I just have a new respect for him. And I know that most people won’t get it. I did air a lot of his dirty laundry last year. … It wasn’t hitting with a lot of us, including the viewers. But I think when you get to sit down with someone and talk about like the nitty gritty and what happened, it offers you perspective. So I definitely have a different viewpoint of him. And I’m really happy that Scheana found someone like him.”

Lala Breaks Down Status With 'VPR' Cast, Signed on for New Season Days Ago

Credit: Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock

Raquel Leviss

“She’s very sweet. I wouldn’t say that she and I are close by any means, but you know, I’ve gotten used to her. I know that sounds really mean and weird,” she admitted to Us. “But we were at each other’s throats a little bit — or at least I was at hers — but to see her single is really fun. I’m excited. I mean, there’s so many people that I’m excited for the viewers to see being single.”

She added: “She’s coming to her own. I mean, being with James for that long that’ll toughen a bitch up real quick.”

Lala Breaks Down Status With 'VPR' Cast, Signed on for New Season Days Ago

Credit: Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock

James Kennedy

“I’m very close with James. He’s out living his life. We have the type of friendship where we don’t need to talk every day. We just kind of pick up where we left off,” Lala said, noting that she doesn’t know if his girlfriend, Ally Lewber, will be featured on the show. “I hope so. That would be an interesting dynamic.”

Lala Breaks Down Status With 'VPR' Cast, Signed on for New Season Days Ago

Credit: Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock

Charli Burnett

“Charli and I have been texting a lot recently,” she said. “She’s got a roster — her words, not mine — a roster of fine men that she wants to introduce me to. So I will be taking her up on that.”



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