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Love Island USA: From Toenails to Toys, Here’s What the Islanders Are Looking for in the Bedroom

The cast of Love Island USA is turning up the heat. 

Peacock’s iteration of the beloved U.K. series finally kicks off on July 19, but before you hit play and head to the picturesque California villa where the Islanders are staying, why not get to know a little (or, in some cases, a lot) about what exactly they’re looking for in a partner? 

E! News’ Daily Pop caught up with the cast just in time for the premiere, and it’s safe to say that everyone’s raring to go. Take Zeta, for example. As she put it during the exclusive interview, “I have to be physically attracted to you, emotionally, spiritually attracted to you. When I have all of those things, I’m like a horn dog. I’m like, ‘Let’s go now, and then, and tomorrow, and next week.'”

Timmy is equally excited to meet his match, telling Daily Pop that he’s looking for a few select attributes. “I love hips, I love the buttocks. Toenails matter too,” he said with a laugh. “If I see something I want, I’m gonna pursue it.”

Jesse and Felipe echoed Timmy’s sentiment, with the latter revealing that the physical aspect of a relationship is the most important: “I feel it’s all connection, but the sex is 95 percent of the relationship for me.”

As for Jesse, the bedroom is “where the heart is really won,” he said. ” I can’t give you all the sauce on TV but there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes that goes with pleasing a woman.”

Love Island USAPeacock

Speaking of “pleasing a woman,” Andy made it clear that “toys are super important” to him. “In order to have the best experience possible, toys are key in the bedroom,” he added. “I like to give the women what they want.”

Perhaps Andy will get along with Courtney, who told Daily Pop that as “an extra ass bitch,” she wants “this, that and the other thing.” 

“People tell me all the time that I’m too much and I’m like, ‘Well, you just need bigger hands,'” Courtney added. “I’m ready to see some sexy humans and shove my tongue down their throat.”

As is Deb, who admitted to being a fan of “making out.” However, should she not be able to find someone to kiss, she’s calling it quits on the whole dating thing: “I’ve been single for so long that if I don’t find love here, I will become a nun.”

It sounds like Sereniti might be able to assist with that process, as she revealed her father’s a pastor. “I’m not gonna call you daddy because I only call one man daddy, and that’s my father,” she told Daily Pop. “But I’ll call you papi.”

Sydney, meanwhile, just wants someone to take her seriously. “I feel like I have the worst experience with men,” she said. “They always want to hook up with a redhead but none of them want to cuff a redhead. I feel like I have ‘lie to me’ tattooed on my face.”

Love Island USAPeacock

Tattoo or no tattoo, if Sydney has pretty eyes, Isaiah‘s surely ready to shoot his shot. “Eyes are super important,” he said, adding that “a woman with some spice to her” is also of interest. 

Hear more from the Islanders in the above clip. 

Episodes of Love Island USA drop six days a week on Peacock beginning Tuesday, July 19.



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