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Love Islanders all had personal skin consultations pre-villa – here’s what they’re using

Love Islanders all had personal skin consultations pre-villa – here’s what they’re using

Did you know that Love Island stars get a full skin consultation before entering the villa? Neither did we until Boots – Love Island’s beauty and skincare partner – let us in on the secret this week. Each Islander is treated to a skin scan with the No7 Pro Derm Scan device before they appear on TV (read more on that here), to ensure they have their skin in tip-top condition and the bathroom stocked with all the skincare they need.

So what did their consultation involve? A hand-held scanner magnified their skin by 30 times and also has a hydration sensor to measure moisture levels both below and on the surface of the skin. Their complexions were then given scores out of five for wrinkles, hydration, oil and pores.

While the results of those scans are confidential, Boots has let us in on exactly the products three of the Love Island girls are using – and it’s quite easy to tell what they look for from their skincare. Gemma Owen, for example, is all about the glow, turning to vitamin C to get a radiance boost.

Tasha Ghouri, on the other hand, likes to make sure her skin stays smooth with the help of retinol, while Indiyah Polack makes sure fine lines are a thing of the past with a special booster serum and skin cream combination.

So, are you ready to shop some of their current skincare favourites? Here’s what you’re seeing them use every morning and night…

Gemma’s regime

Gemma looks for skincare products to give her complexion a glow
Gemma looks for skincare products to give her complexion a glow (Image: Boots No7)

Hot Cloth Cleanser, £10.36 here

You can’t beat a classic. To remove her makeup, Gem uses this No7 creamy cleanser packed full of brightening and nourishing vitamins C and E, and red ginseng.

15% Vitamin C Serum,£15.96 here

Wondering how Gemma always looks so glowy with no makeup on? This high concentrate vitamin C serum likely has a lot to do with it.

Protect & Perfect Day Cream, £19.96 here, and Night Cream,£19.96 here

The day cream packs SPF15 protection with an advanced hydration formula, and the night cream works to deliver Gem a plump appearance while she sleeps

Indiyah’s regime

Indiyah's regime features vitamin C and a cleansing balm
Indiyah’s regime features vitamin C and a cleansing balm (Image: Boots No7)

Cleansing Balm,£10.36 here

This grapeseed oil formula dissolves all of Indiyah’s makeup, leaving her base feeling soft and nourished.

Radiance+ Vitamin C Toner,£10.36 here

Also a fan of a glowing base, the Islander gets her vitamin C fix in the form of this brightening and pore minimising tonic.

Line Corrector Booster Serum,£35.96 here

Indiyah is only 23, so she doesn’t exactly need a full anti-ageing regime yet. However, fine lines (sometimes due to dehydration) can be kept at bay with this targeted serum.

Tasha’s regime

Tasha's skincare regime features a retinol
Tasha’s skincare regime features a retinol (Image: Boots No7)

Foaming Cleanser for normal skin,£7.96 here

Foaming cleansers, though sometimes quite astringent for sensitive skin types, are great for removing all traces of makeup. This version has added vitamin C to give Tasha’s base extra brightness.

Youthful Face Oil,£19.96 here

This is formulated to give skin an intense surge of moisture and help keep moisture locked in – perfect for giving Tasha a smooth and hydrated base for makeup.

Retinol Night Concentrate 1%,£30.36 here

Most experts say it’s never too early to be using a retinol or a retinoid, and Tasha seems to agree. She’ll be pairing this with a high-factor SPF in the daytime, as retinol can cause skin sensitivity when combined with sun exposure.



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