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Mickie James Explains Goals For “Last Rodeo” Run

Mickie James is a future Hall of Famer that is also one loss away from retirement based on a new storyline that recently started on Impact Wrestling.

It was on the September 1st episode of Impact Wrestling when Mickie James returned to deliver a promo. James called it her “Last Rodeo” in professional wrestling after being in the business for over 20 years. The story is that the next time she loses a match, she will retire.

During an appearance on Busted Open, which is where Mickie is a regular co-host every Wednesday, the former four-time Impact Knockouts Champion described what she has in mind for her wrestling future and the promo she did to the Impact fans:

“I really wanted to speak from my heart. It’s been a journey for me. I feel I’ve been so fortunate to do so much and way more than, especially a woman gets to do. I just wanted to, not only be able to test myself because there is this whole rise of this new generation and some incredibly talented women out there. I just want to be able to go out in a blaze of glory. If I’m going to go out, I want to go out with a bang.”

“It’s a true way to test myself against every woman out there, and I’m open to every woman out there, to challenge them and really test myself to have some of the best matches of my life. Win or lose, no matter what, hopefully, the fans will win and my next loss will be my last loss, period. That’s a good way to put my back up against the wall and force myself to bring the absolute best out of myself. I feel I’m better under pressure.”

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James recently turned 43 years old and is married to fellow professional wrestler Nick Aldis of the NWA. The couple has a son together. As part of the “Last Rodeo” storyline, James wanted to start from the bottom with the goal of becoming the Impact Knockouts Champion again:

“I did want to do it from the bottom of the roster up because I feel, especially if this is going to be the last rodeo, I’d like to give opportunities. A lot of times when you go in and you’re going after things, you don’t get a chance to challenge a lot of the women because you go into the angles or straight for the number contender opportunity.”

“There are a lot of women in that locker room and a lot of women right now that I haven’t had the chance to face and if this is going to be it, I’d like to have the chance to maybe face them. I have an immense amount of love and respect from that locker room, and a lot of locker rooms, we always want to leave it better than we found it and if I have the opportunity to share the ring with some of these ladies, to not only test myself against them but share the ring with them, it’d be cool for both sides and for wrestling.”

James picked up a win on the September 8 episode of Impact Wrestling. The company usually tapes its television shows twice per month.

In addition to her success in Impact Wrestling, James is also a six-time Women’s Champion in WWE (five-time Women’s Title, one-time Divas Title) making her one of the most successful women’s wrestlers in the history of both companies. James also was the Executive Producer of the all-women’s NWA Empowerrr pay-per-view in August 2021.



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