‘My plastic surgery obsession nearly killed me – but I still want bigger boobs’

A life-threatening infection forced ‘enhanced model’ Sonja Lahtinen to have her silicone implants removed, but she’s already had them replaced with 2900cc monsters and she’s determined to go bigger still

A woman who’s £35,000 worth of plastic surgery left her in hospital still wants more – and her husband is fully in support.

Harri Koriste’s other half Sonja Lahtinen having a major health scare last year. Sonja contracted a potentially-deadly case sepsis and had to have her silicone implants removed.

Sonja told the Love Don’t Judge podcast: “When you are doing so crazy things like I do then s*** can happen. Last year it totally hit me because I went bigger [in the bust] and I got an infection. That’s why I had to remove my breast implants. I went around five and a half months without implants, that was really a hard time for me.”

Sonja, who bills herself as an “enhanced model who dares to be different” on her OnlyFans page, is determined to “go even bigger” now that she is over the life-threatening infection.

She was inspired to start enhancing her body after seeing pictures of women in adult magazines. “I saw them and thought “Oh my God, I want to look like that’,” she explained.

Harri first fell for Sonja after seeing her photo in a magazine. “I started to follow her on social media and one day I just saw her in a gas station. I took a chance and asked her out for a cup of coffee,” he explained.

They’ve now been married for five years, and have a son, Lenny, who has just turned four. Sonja used to be so determined to achieve the perfect body that she didn’t worry about the risks associated with radical surgery.

But now that she and Harri have a child she is “only taking small risks”. Sonja, who is extensively tattooed as well as surgically enhanced, currently has a 2900cc silicone implant in each breast.

And she’s determined to boost her bust with even bigger implants. Sonja’s physique has attracted plenty of comments, and not all of them are positive.

Critics have called her body “unnatural” and “fake”, saying she could never find herself a “real man.” Others have asked how Harri can stand his wife looking like a “wh*re”.

In fact, even though he knows that every operation is potentially dangerous, Harri is very supportive of Sonja’s plastic surgery obsession.

He accompanies his wife to every medical consultation, and is also on hand to take photos and shoot video for the OnlyFans page that helps finance her pricey procedures.

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