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Netizens think BLACKPINK’s ‘Ready For Love’ MV is almost identical to aespa’s album concepts

Netizens noticed that BLACKPINK’s recent virtual “Ready For Love” MV closely resembled concepts seen by aespa

On July 29, one netizen took to an online community forum and created a post titled, “Is BLACKPINK plagiarizing aespa?” Here, the netizen included several photos of BLACKPINK’s recent “Ready For Love” virtual game music video, as well as various album concepts shown by aespa. When compared side by side, there were many styles and elements that seemed to overlap. 

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Some netizens were taken aback at the close resemblance between BLACKPINK’s MV and aespa’s albun concepts:

“Isn’t this basically just a copycat of aespa?”

“I’m not a fan of either group, but the first images really look identical.”

“Huh…isn’t this just the same thing?”

“To be honest, the first images are exactly the same.”

“Why are they so similar?”

“While watching the CG version of Jennie, I also thought that more than Jennie, it looked more like Karina.”

Others didn’t agree with the allegation that BLACKPINK copied aespa:

“But [aespa] copied them first.”

“I think it’s aespa copying BLACKPINK.”

“Why would BLACKPINK even copy aespa for? It’s a song made for a game, which is why they used similar graphics.”

“I don’t think you can say they copied for just having black hair, blonde hair, and short hair. They’re such common hairstyles.”

“Isnt it just for BLACKPINK’s game concept?”



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