HomeNewsPro-choice protesters descend on Coney Barrett's home with blood and doll props

Pro-choice protesters descend on Coney Barrett’s home with blood and doll props

Pro-choice protesters descend on Coney Barrett’s home with blood and doll props

Pro-choice protesters have become more common following a leaked draft opinion signaling SCOTUS might overturn Roe v. Wade

Pro-choice protesters congregated outside Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Virginia home on Saturday, dressed in clothing appearing to be soaked with blood and holding baby doll toys. 

Pro-choice protesters

“Abortion on demand and without apology,” signs held by members of the group Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights read on Saturday as they stood outside Barrett’s home in Falls Church.

The protesters were armed with baby doll props and were wearing pants appearing to be soaked in blood to show a future of forced births if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. 

Pro-choice protesters

Protests erupted outside of conservative Supreme Court justices’ homes in recent weeks, following the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion signaling the nation’s highest court might overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Your neighbor says post-Roe, we say hell no!” protesters shouted outside of Barrett’s home earlier this month. “Hey-hey, ho-ho, the handmaiden has got to go!” 

Pro-choice protesters

Members of the group Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights have staged protests at Dodger Stadium, outside the Supreme Court and other locations. 

Other pro-choice activists related to the radical abortion group “Jane’s Revenge” have claimed responsibility for various attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers across the country in recent days. 

Pro-choice protesters

“We will never stop, back down, slow down, or retreat. We did not want this; but it is upon us, and so we must deal with it proportionally. We exist in confluence and solidarity with all others in the struggle for complete liberation,” members of “Jane’s Revenge” said in a letter last week. “Our recourse now is to defend ourselves and to build robust, caring communities of mutual aid, so that we may heal ourselves without the need of the medical industry or any other intermediary. Through attacking, we find joy, courage, and strip the veneer of impenetrability held by these violent institutions.”

Pro-choice protesters

The letter claimed responsibility for various attacks such as ones in Portland, Eugene and Gresham in Oregon, as well as in Olympia, Lynwood and Vancouver in Washington state.

Faith Leaders have since called on the Department of Justice to investigate, prosecute and “publicly condemn these unlawful attacks.”

Pro-choice protesters

“We call on you to publicly condemn these unlawful attacks; to commit to vigorous efforts to prevent them, and to investigate and prosecute them; and to proactively engage with the affected faith communities to ensure their concerns and security needs are being met,” the letter sent to the Attorney General’s Office last week by CatholicVote reads. 



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