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Rockstar Games Issues Statement Regarding GTA 6 Leak

Rockstar Games has officially acknowledged and issued a statement regarding the massive Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks that took place over the weekend. While there was no doubting the authenticity of these GTA 6 leaks, many were looking to the company and how it would react. In general, the message from the studio indicates it is “extremely disappointed” in this happening but doesn’t surprisingly anticipate any longer-term effects.

Rockstar Games Issues Statement Regarding GTA 6 Leak

As many may be aware, a hacker apparently was able to illegally access and download several items pertaining to Grand Theft Auto 6. This includes roughly 90 in-development videos of the game, as well as reportedly the source codes for GTA 5 and GTA 6. Apparently, the hacker is looking to sell the Grand Theft Auto 5 source code and is willing to make a “deal” with Rockstar Games, amounting to blackmail, regarding GTA 6‘s source code. This situation is ongoing, but by all accounts, the source code has not been sold yet, forums, where the hacker has been active, have been removed, the hacker’s accounts have been deleted, and their position may have been compromised by another hacker. In other words, Rockstar Games may already be on to them, but it’s hard to say for sure.

This message from Rockstar Games is a sullen word from the company. It reveals that it does not anticipate any long-term impact on its online services like GTA Online, nor to the development of ongoing projects like GTA 6. Not to cast doubt on an already troubled situation, but this may also just be corporate speak to assure consumers and stockholders. After all, if GTA 5‘s source code ends up in the wrong hands, the Online component could be flooded with hackers and cheaters in theory. The same security issues could plague GTA 6 if it gets out too. But, hopefully, Rockstar is looking to for the culprit and is looking to maintain its current status quo.

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The message ends with the expressed intent to keep working on the next Grand Theft Auto game, while also stating that it looks forward to properly introducing everyone to the game when it’s ready. Game development takes years, so to have such behind-the-scenes details leak online isn’t the best way to reveal a game. But hopefully, that doesn’t take away from Rockstar’s eventual reveal.

Rockstar also thanks everyone and its fans for their support during this time. Unfortunately, those who have shared sympathy for Rockstar devs whose work has leaked online in an incomplete state may be overwhelmed by those criticizing the footage, which doesn’t make sense. The game is nowhere near done. These unfounded critiques have even spilled over from the GTA 6 leaks to games like Saints Row, and it’s a bad situation made worse in a lot of ways. But, hopefully, Rockstar is able to come out of this better and when the game is revealed, the self-dubbed aggrandizing of a game in development can realize just how much work goes into it.



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