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SCARY STORY Wendy Williams is like ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ & her behavior swings from sweet to snappy as she struggles with health issues

WENDY Williams has been acting like “Jekyll and Hyde” and her behavior changes from sweet to snappy amid her serious health struggles.  

Multiple sources have revealed to The US Sun the 58-year-old former daytime talk show host’s state swings like a pendulum between the morning and night. 

Wendy Williams' behavior swings widely from morning to night according to sources
Wendy Williams’ behavior swings widely from morning to night according to sourcesCredit: BackGrid
Wendy's inner circle have described wide swings in the former daytime host's behavior
Wendy’s inner circle have described wide swings in the former daytime host’s behaviorCredit: Getty

“People who deal with Wendy understand that you have to speak to her in the morning to have a productive conversation,” one insider close to the star said. 

“The Wendy you get in the morning is friendly, alert and coherent. The Wendy in the afternoon is not as nice of a person. She is quick with you and will hang up on you if she doesn’t like the way the conversation is going. 

“The conversations from the afternoon onward are generally unproductive, but in the morning, Wendy is a breeze. It’s like Jekyll and Hyde.” 

A second insider revealed people in Wendy’s world have scheduled blocks of time in which they work with her and only veer off the schedule on an as needed basis.  

“When you do need to deal with Wendy in the afternoon, she’s more often than not incoherent and can be borderline belligerent,” the second insider revealed.  

The once queen of daytime TV has been displaying increasingly troubling behavior over the past several weeks. 


A disturbing video of Wendy in which the star tried to get into a waiting car in front of her New York City apartment building, but appeared to struggle to comprehend where she was. 

As she stepped out, she appeared in good spirits, but confused. 

At one point, she asked: “Where are we going?” 

Wendy walked back and forth from her car to the building.

She revealed her plans for the day, saying: “Well, my American Express is broken, so I gotta take care of that,” before asking, “Where am I flying? This is not where I’m flying.” 

Meanwhile, the embattled host has shocked fans with her dramatic transformation, looking thinner than ever before. 

The TV star wore tiny shorts and a black T-shirt, showing off her extremely slim legs and arms. 

Wendy’s face also showed signs of dramatic weight loss, with her cheek bones on full display. 


Last week Wendy claimed she was married, which sent shock waves through her fan base and her team, who denied it was true.  

One source close to the former daytime talk show diva exclusively revealed Wendy’s claim she’s tied the knot is simply not the case and “shows you how close to the edge of reality she has gone.”  

“Everyone around her knows she’s out of it,” the source added.  

More concerning, multiple sources have revealed to The US Sun Wendy often forgets who she’s talking to during conversations.  

“You can be on the phone with her, and she will ask who she’s speaking to. It’s happening to everyone in her circle,” one worried insider said.  


Before Wendy claimed she was married, she scared fans when she appeared to be passed out next to a champagne glass at New York City’s Louis Vuitton store.   

In a video clip obtained by The US Sun and first posted by Gossip Of The City, Wendy appeared in the luxury fashion staple’s store window in SoHo.   

Wendy was laying down on a bed with her legs crossed and her eyes closed with what appeared to be a filled-to-the-brim champagne glass on the floor next to her.    


Several people in Wendy’s circle have taken issue with interviews she’s done in recent months where she repeatedly told a journalist she wants to get f**ked, one where she pulled out a swollen foot during a live shot, and another widely nonsensical interview with Fat Joe on his YouTube.    

One insider previously told The US Sun: “These interviews are just heartbreaking and she still doesn’t have a podcast deal. Most big companies have passed, they don’t want her drama and no one believes she will do the work daily.”    

A second source close to Wendy also took issue with her recent interviews while questioning her potential podcast project.    

“There is no date for when this podcast is supposed to happen.    

“I can’t see her being able to put on a podcast. It’s weird she is even being put out for these interviews.    

“They’re disturbing. It just becomes clearer she isn’t ready,” the insider concluded.   

Wendy's behavior over the past several weeks has become increasingly worrying
Wendy’s behavior over the past several weeks has become increasingly worryingCredit: Splash


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