12 Trends to Try This Summer, According to Stylists and Fashion Experts

As the temperature increases, so does the need to swap out any lingering cool-weather staples for shorts, tank tops, and breezy dresses

But you know as well as we do that summer wardrobes aren't solely comprised of timeless essentials.

What are the summer 2022's best fashion trends, and which ones speak to our own personal style

With social events back in full swing, summer 2022 is bound to be a busy one, full of trips to the beach

bottomless brunches, and weddings that had previously been postponed. Naturally,

you'll want to make sure your closet is prepped and primed with going-out outfits suitable for every occasion,

and sprinkling in some of summer's hottest trends will add a little something extra to your outfit.

To find out which articles of clothing, accessories, and aesthetics were worth embracing for 2022,

we reached out to fashion experts and talented stylists, who shared their favorites.

From the stuff you already own to the pieces worth investing in, here's your helpful guide for season ahead.

NYC-based fashion stylist Shea Daspin is all about embellishments for summer 2022. Daytime sparkles, she says, are high on her list.

Trends from the Y2K era have had quite the resurgence over the past few years, but according to celebrity stylist Cindy Conroy, summer 2022 will be all about those platform heels.

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