Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker gave up sex, exercise for 'Panchakarma cleanse.' What is it?

No caffeine. No alcohol. No sex. No exercise. No sugar. Those are the rules of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's customized detox routine.

In Thursday's episode of "The Kardashians," the reality star, 43, continued to open up about her IVF journey

noting that she's trying a new approach to expand the family: the Panchakarma cleanse.

Our last egg retrieval was not successful, so our new thing that we’re going to be trying is a Panchakarma cleanse

which is Ayurvedic. It’s like 3,000 years old, which will get all of the toxins that are like deep within our tissue out of our bodies," she says in a confessional.

Panchakarma is an ancient method rooted in Indian practice of detoxifying and cleansing the body of unwanted waste.

The treatment is unique in the sense that it includes preventive, curative and promotive actions for various diseases

In the episode, Kardashian and Barker were assisted by Martha Soffer, who guided them through dietary changes as well as treatments

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