Stranger Things Season 4 Soundtrack: Complete Details and Playlist

A fresh crop of synthy '80s tunes highlight the soundtrack of Stranger Things season 4. Listen to all the atmospheric tracks here.

Perhaps you’d heard but a fresh season of a little show called Stranger Things just arrived on Netflix’s servrs.

There are always plenty of reasons to get excited about new episodes of Stranger Things, and the seven new episodes presented in season 4 volume 1 are no different.

Operating under an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra, Stranger Things season 4 is absolutely packed with ’80s-set science fiction, horror, and adventure.

Once again, our heroic kids from Hawkins (with a few of them now relocated to Lenora Hills, California) must confront a mystery from the Upside Down.

In this case, who is this demonic wizard Vecna and why is he so hopelessly addicted to breaking human bodies?

In addition to all of the usual fun plotting though, a new season of Stranger Things means a new batch of old music.

Though creators The Duffer Brothers were born in 1984 and probably don’t remember a hell of a lot of the 1980s,

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