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WATCH: Danna Paola Throws a ‘Euphoria’-Like Rave in ‘XT4S1S’

Danna Paola is throwing a party in her new music video for “XT4S1S,” released yesterday (Aug. 25). The Mexican pop star gets caught up in someEuphoria -like psychedelics in the trippy music video.

Earlier this month, Danna released “XT4S1S” as her first new single of the year. She co-wrote and co-produced the adrenaline rush of pop-rock with her boyfriend, Alex Hoyer. This week the song cracked Spotify’s Top Songs Global chart at No. 173.

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But the music video for “XT4S1S” is finally here, and it does not disappoint. Danna’s rave party in Mexico City was directed by Edgar Esteves. Netflix Rebelde star Selene also appears in the video. The two singer-actresses try some psychedelic lollipops in the bathroom that have them tripping out. The colorful visual effects are pretty impressive, with Danna serving as creative director for the music video.

“This video clip is the introduction to the most real side of who I am,” she said in a statement. “Creatively, it is very personal and is a representation of my candy world, a party place where I forget all the problems of the real world, fears, insecurities, limitations, and taboos, among other things.”

About the eye-popping visuals, Danna added, “This video is a pop fantasy come true. Just like the song it’s full of details in terms of styling, effects, editing and story, it generates a distinct vibe from start to finish.”

On her Instagram, Selene shared memories from her time with Danna on the set of the “XT4S1S” video. She wrote, “Thank you for making me part of that special crazy night, Danna Paola. I love you and I admire you a lot.” Today, Selene also released her music video for her single “Aquel Bolero” where she puts an R&B spin on the age-old genre.

Paola’s XT4S1S Tour kicks off in Mexico in Oct. More dates across Latin America and the U.S. for the tour will be announced soon.

Watch the “XT4S1S” music video below.



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