HomeLifeWe just found out we’re siblings — but we’re still dating

We just found out we’re siblings — but we’re still dating

We just found out we’re siblings — but we’re still dating

Playing siblings or dating just got a whole lot more complicated for one couple who recently found out they may share the same father.

Carley and Mercedes — who have been dating for two years — revealed they might be half-siblings after finding out their mothers had relations with the same man.

The pair, who also have an OnlyFans account with the handle @notyouraveragesisterz, shared the unsettling news in a clip that has been viewed over 6 million times on TikTok, leaving their 560,000 followers desperately urging them to get a DNA test.

“When you find out two years into dating that your moms both slept with the same guy,” the message on the now-viral TikTok read with the caption: “Should we take a DNA test?”

“If we’re actually related is it wrong to stay together?” the pair asked followers in a comment.

Carley and Mercedes
TikTok users are urging the couple to do a DNA test.
Carley and Mercedes
Many users commented telling Carley and Mercedes they look alike.

Thousands of TikTok users chimed in with their thoughts, most telling them to do the test.

“I think the real risk would be NOT getting the DNA test,” a user commented.

@carleyandmercedes Should we take a DNA test? #siblingsordating #fyp #foryou #wlw #xyzbca ♬ original sound – szasgrandchildren

“Take one immediately,” another agreed, with Carley and Mercedes responding, “We’re scared.”

“I have no idea who you guys are and I immediately thought you were sisters before reading the text,” one user wrote.

“That could explain why you two look like sisters,” one TikTok user wrote.

“Am I the only person who thinks that regardless of the results it doesn’t matter?” another person wrote.



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