Doja Cat Calls Out Stranger Things Noah Schnapp for Sharing Their Private DM

Doja Cat criticized Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp after he shared their private conversation where she asked the teen to tell his co-star Joseph Quinn to “hmu.”

The "Say So" singer, 26, shared that she was not amused after Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp posted screenshots 

In the DMs, which Noah has since removed from his TikTok, Doja wrote, "Noah can you tell Joseph to hmu? Wait no. Does he have a girlfriend?" 

After Noah encouraged the Planet Her singer to "slide into his DMs," she replied 

Noah's TikTok went viral and Doja's messages about Joseph were the talk of social media 

While many found the 17-year-old's TikTok video to be done in a playful manner 

Doja was unamused with his post and criticized him for sharing their private conversation with the public. 

That same night, Doja went live on her TikTok account, encouraging her followers to screen record her conversation about Noah so they could post it online.