Two massive, multi-car wrecks red flagged the F1 British Grand Prix in the opening lap Sunday. 

Pierre Gasly darted in-between Zhou Guanyu, who started ninth, and George Russell, who started eighth. But a replay shows that as the gap is closing

the AlphaTauri driver backs out. Gasly tagged Russell’s left-rear wheel, sending the Mercedes spinning into Zhou. 

The Alfa Romeo flipped upside down and went flying across the track and into the gravel. The car does not slow down, and it vaults over the barrier

Meanwhile, a completely separate wreck occurred elsewhere on the grid with Yuki Tsunoda, Alex Albon and Esteban Ocon

Albon braked because of the initial accident, and Sebastian Vettel hit the back of the Williams

The collision pushed Albon into the pit wall before spinning back to the track. He then collided with Tsunoda and Ocon.