Gnosis Safe To Airdrop 50 Million Ethereum Tokens to Wallet

To ensure the successful launch of its DAO (decentralized autonomous organization)

Gnosis Safe announced plans Thursday to airdrop 50 million SAFE tokens to thousands of Safe wallets.

Gnosis Safe uses smart contracts to support its multi-signature wallet.

A multi-signature or multisig wallet requires more than one person’s signature to execute transactions.

Gnosis Safe allows users to securely store Ethereum and ERC20 tokens and interact with decentralized applications.

Last month, Gnosis Safe, originally a product in the Gnosis ecosystem, rebranded to Safe after spinning off from Gnosis.

Members of the Safe community also voted to launch the SafeDAO and the SAFE token.

Along with the announcement of the airdrop, Safe shared a spreadsheet containing over 45,000 eligible Ethereum addresses