The cartoon characters called Minions, sufficiently popular to anchor two ostensibly discrete animated film franchises

are diminutive capsule-shaped yellow yammerers outfitted in goggles and overalls, whose bearing for the most part is simultaneously hyper and insouciant

While one of their number seems a relatively competent D.J., the remainder of this innumerable lot aren’t very adept, especially as henchminions.

Their latest outing, directed by Kyle Balda, Brad Abelson and Jonathan Del Val, is “Minions: The Rise of Gru,

in which the arguably epicene creatures again try to help out their master Gru — only, as the title implies

Gru here is a kid and it’s the cartoon 1970s. The movie opens with a nostalgia-inducing, feel-good Earth, Wind and Fire song,

no surprise given contemporary movie convention, as the gang called the Vicious Six engages in Indiana-Jones-style high jinks for a heist of a supernatural stone. Double crosses ensue