The word 'pinto' has infuriated fans of Wordle as many players were unable to work out this latest challenge and ruined their streaks

Wordle 377 has stumped a number of players of the online word game, as many struggled to solve the five-letter word 'pinto' and some players claimed the word was actually 'made up

Words such as gawky, droll, brink, and awful are all five-letter words that have caused anger from Wordle fans in recent weeks as players have been unsuccessful

Much like these words, 'pinto'  was another curveball that fans struggled with for wordle challenge 377

This led many players to take to social media and complain about this most recent challenge which has ruined streaks.

Beware the stupid, made-up word, today... #Wordle 377 5/6," said frustrated player who managed to solve the puzzle by the skin of their teeth

Yeah, if nothing fits just guess a made-up word. That is apparently not made up! Wordle 377 4/6," said another