‘We Will Keep Your Legacy Alive’ – Serena Williams Details One Big Regret While Paying Tribute to Virgil Abloh

Serena Williams, the American tennis legend, receives a lot of love from around the world. In fact, from non-tennis fans as well. One may ask why.

Well, because she is a person who makes people around her feel comfortable and her interests range in a variety of sectors. Therefore, Williams always has something or the other to offer in a conversation.

Speaking of her interest, Williams treats fashion as one of her biggest relishes. She is friends with many famous designers and one of them is the very talented Virgil Abloh.

Williams collaborated with Virgil in 2018 and recently shared a clip appreciating the man he is and his work on social media. She said, “It’s so inspiring to see what he was able to do and the doors he was able to open

You know having diversity on his group and making sure people of color are part of the biggest decisions. It’s so important to have that.”

Further, she captioned the clip, “Virgil was so much more than a collaborator. He was a friend, an innovator. I really wish I wore the magnificent skirt he made for me in 2018. You saw it before me Virgil.