Pitt-West Virginia 2007: The night the most epic Backyard Brawl altered college football history

Dorin Dickerson heard the shouts, shrieks and screams of his Pitt Panthers teammates.

How could he not? They echoed through the frigid air filling and chilling Milan Puskar Stadium on that astounding night nearly 15 years ago

Because so few people of the thousands gathered in this space were celebrating the occasion

though, the collective silence of West Virginia fans seemed to overwhelm the euphoria.

“The most vivid memory I have is seeing grown men crying in the stands,” Dickerson told The Sporting News.

“My vivid memory is looking around and feeling this awed, surreal, shocked feeling. Like: I can’t believe we just pulled this off.

And to see the effect on West Virginia fans was exhilarating because it was so real.

It was surreal for a second and then it was like, ‘Whoa, we actually did this. We actually ruined their chances to go to a national championship.’ ”