Richard Roat passed away in Orange County after nearly 50 years in the business, his wife confirmed.

Veteran TV star Richard Roat, best known for his appearances in shows including Seinfeld and Friends and with a career in the entertainment industry that spanned almost 50 years, has died aged 89.

He passed away in Orange County, California, on Aug. 5, his wife confirmed to Variety. The cause of death was not supplied, but his obituary says he passed “suddenly.”

The obituary, published by the Los Angeles Times, describes him as “the most supportive friend a person in the entertainment industry could ever have.”

Roat had a huge list of credits to his name, with more than 135 acting roles on television, film, and Broadway, including Dallas, Dynasty, and The Golden Girls.

He appeared on The Golden Girls twice, once as Rose (Betty White)’s boyfriend Al Beatty, who is found dead in her bed the next morning after spending the night.

On Friends, he played a professor at Ross’s university in “The One Where Ross Dates a Student,

who warns him that he will be fired if he engages in a relationship with a pupil.

He leaves behind a legacy of love and laughter and a business that will continue to flourish as his wife, Kathy Arntzen Roat, assumes additional responsibilities