Women rave about ‘intense’ £28 toy that gets them off in seconds

Women can’t get enough of an affordable Lovehoney sex toy, which apparently feels just like oral sex. Here’s everything you need to know about the kinky device

Women are insisting a £28 toy is a must buy – as it can deliver intense orgasms in seconds.

The Lovehoney X ROMP Switch Clitoral Suction Stimulator uses Pleasure Air Technology to simulate the feeling of oral sex with a gentle sucking sensation. And with six intensity levels, it’s not to be underestimated.

It comes with a whisper-quiet motor so you don’t have to worry about the toy being overheard, it’s just a case of finding out if you can stay quiet.

Two AAA batteries delivers six hours of run time – with shoppers saying they orgasm in less than 10 seconds that means you can potentially get thousands of orgasms from just two batteries.

With more than 1600 5-star reviews it’s clear this little gadget has a way of curling toes. One shopper said: “Wow, I only used this on the second lowest level and it was so intense.

“I now understand the term toe curling. Careful though, the second time I used it (a few minutes after the first time) it made me pee a little. It really does what it says on the tin!”

The toys are said to offer maximum pleasure for women
Some women say it made them squirt (Image: Getty Images)

A second penned: “I’ve struggled with a not sensitive clit for years – genuinely thought I was broken or something because nothing seemed to work for me. And if you had asked me before I bought this toy ‘have you had an orgasm?’ I would have answered ‘Yes? Maybe? I think so?’

“I bought the toy because my friend told me she came in 7 seconds the first time she tried it. I came in 5. Buy the goddamn toy.”

A third wrote: “Bought this for my wife to add a bit of fun and it delivered. We followed the instructions not sure what to expect but with in seconds my wife was taken to a world of pleasure more intense than anything we have tried before.

“Without doubt the best toy we have bought. Multiple times she hit the jackpot which had her so turned on we had the best time. I 100% recommend this product as it will reach new heights in the bedroom”

A fourth added: “I had JUST changed my sheets and I swear I’m not the type to mess up clean sheets I would always ‘prepare’ if I thought mess would be made…. I never get myself there but the multiple orgasms this thing brings. No wonder people are obsessed.”

There are similar toys on the market, that target clitoral stimulation via suction, however they’re often significantly more expensive. The Womanizer Pro40, Rose and Lelo Sona are some popular rivals that bring in glowing reviews.

You can get the Lovehoney X ROMP Switch Clitoral Suction Stimulator for £27.99.

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