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WWE RAW – 3 Possible surprises – The true leader of The Judgment Day appears & Braun Strowman sets his sights on an old foe 

The Triple H era of WWE RAW and SmackDown has been full of surprises galore. There is no reason why this week’s edition should be any different.

In this article, we shall go over three potential twists and turns that could happen during this week’s show. At the very outset, let us remind our readers that this article is not based on inside news or rumors. This is written entirely from a fan’s perspective.

And since you’re a pro wrestling fan just like yours truly, feel free to chime in with your thoughts and views in the comments section below.

It’s been over a month since Vince McMahon retired. What changes would you say Triple H has infused into the product thus far?

#3. Dominik picks up the biggest win of his career with Bray Wyatt’s assistance

C’mon, you’ve thought of this pairing before. It’s either a match made in heaven or the cavernous, labyrinthine, lava-ridden catacombs of hell. Bray Wyatt and The Judgment Day belong with each other in the same way that Glenn and Maggie do, peanut butter and jelly do.

There have been many rumors about Wyatt returning to WWE at some point in the future, and where there’s smoke, there’s a funeral pyre.

image 72

Could Wyatt show up just as Edge is about to pick up the win on WWE RAW and allow Mysterio to defeat the living legend? In one night, he will be a made man, catapulted to the next level, with Bray Wyatt showing him the way.

#2. Sasha Banks returns to WWE RAW and answers Bianca Belair’s open challenge

There’s an open challenge issued by Bianca Belair on WWE RAW. Imagine the roar of the crowd if it was Sasha Banks who returned to answer it! Two of the greatest-ever who made history at WrestleMania could renew their rivalry in front of a packed crowd.

The EST of WWE is a pure babyface, and Bayley is as big a heel as they come. Sasha Banks’ allegiance to both women, two superstars she has a history with, should be interesting to see.

This is a storyline that could potentially carry into Survivor Series, should Triple H invest time in it.

#1. Braun Strowman faces Bobby Lashley one last time for the United States Championship

Yes, we know that Braun Strowman will be a SmackDown Superstar going forward, so put down your pitchforks. But if there’s one thing we know about The Monster Among Men, it is that he has unfinished business with lots of superstars. “I’m not finished with you,” was his catchphrase after all. Bobby Lashley was one of his most formidable foes.

Could he have a showdown for the United States Championship with Lashley on this week’s show? As he is about to pick up the win, maybe Otis or someone from SmackDown could cost him the big victory. And so could begin the SmackDown saga for Braun Strowman. This could also start an actual storyline instead of just him steamrolling over the competition.



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