Xiaomi smartphones might be banned in Finland

Xiaomi smartphones are available for purchase in majority of the countries, including Asia, Europe, Japan, and even the United States. Xiaomi enjoys a significant market presence and the company faced government sanctions very rarely. While the Indian government fined Xiaomi a few months back, the company continues to actively sell the phones in India. Recent rumors suggest that Xiaomi smartphones might face sales restrictions in Finland. Several Western corporations pulled out of the Russian market after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Some western companies quit the Russian market but Xiaomi remains engaged in selling phones, and Russian consumers find themselves compelled to opt for Xiaomi smartphones. It seems that Finland is not happy with Xiaomi still sells smartphones in Russia.

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Xiaomi has not taken any steps regarding the Russian market; instead, the company continues to officially sell its devices. Xiaomi also helps Russian companies to introduce new tech products in the local Russia market. This suggests that Xiaomi is not concerned about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at all and aims to continue staying in the Russian tech market.

Finland’s three primary mobile carriers, Telia, DNA, and Elisa, have decided to stop the sale of Xiaomi smartphones. While the European Union has not imposed any sanctions on Xiaomi, some Finnish carriers have independently made this decision. The other retailers in Finland, Gigantti and Verkkokauppa have indicated that, as there is no EU ban on Xiaomi, they intend to keep selling Xiaomi smartphones and devices.

As of now, there hasn’t been any strict move to fully ban Xiaomi smartphone sales in Finland or European Union. However, some carrier companies in Finland are initiating actions to cease the sale of Xiaomi smartphones. Finland believes that Xiaomi’s continued active sales in Russia are seen as support for the invasion of Ukraine.

Source: Suomimobiili

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